Advanced tools & technology

Integrated, efficient technology has become a key driver in helping keep all the moving pieces of your practice seamlessly connected, enhancing productivity and helping maintain the highest levels of performance.

iA Securities’ state-of-the-art tools and technology can help you more intimately understand your clients’ goals and objectives, manage their data, track changes and streamline processes. These include:

  • Compass

    Through our partners at National Bank Independent Network (NBIN), advisors have access to a mobile-friendly platform that’s easy to use for all trading and administrative activities.

  • Portfolio reporting software

    Our integrated portfolio management and reporting application, Croesus, allows you to manage all client data through a client relationship management (CRM) platform. Portfolio Managers use Croesus for discretionary trading and model building. You will also have access to a business analytics tool called Croesus BI, which allows you to analyze revenue and profitability, as well as manage risk and identify opportunities.

  • WealthPlanner+ is our financial planning tool, fully integrated into the Croesus platform, which allows you to easily incorporate planning into your practice.
Account accessYour clients have access to MyPortfolio+, an online system that gives them all the information they need about their investments: household view, live holdings, market data, as well as electronic access to statements, tax slips and trade confirmations.
Client statementsThrough our partners at NBIN, your clients receive statements that are easy to read and understand.
  • Created in partnership with Agreement Express, our client onboarding platform is fully customizable and available in both digital and print formats.
  • Our in-house bond desk has its own advisor trading platform that provides immediate access to inventory and the ability to enter single or bulk trades.
  • Our advisors and Branch Managers use Portfolio Aid as an efficient way to track portfolio changes.